Thursday, August 19, 2010

Grinding Updates 19 Aug 2010

Hi boys and girls

The last days am trying to build my bankroll back to 25nl .For todays grind i wanted some action and some donky calls... So i decided to play some 6max 10nl at Pokerstars. I grinded out 4k hands 12 tabling and after 5 hours playing i found my self richer 60$ :) When i saw my stats at the end of the session i was a bit shoked! i played a very agressive 21/18/7 which for this limit is a bit maniac even for 6max... Anyways maybe this is a sign i should try to loose my ranges a bit. Also 2k fpps added to my cashier wich is about 20$ in rakeback, not bad...

Check out todays graph and stay tuned cause tomorrow i will post the 3rd part of the guide
about how to beat micros...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Grinding Updates 15/8/2010

Hi guys

Sunday is the best day for fishing... today i will hit the tables hard on
  • PokerStars try to go for 10k hands @ 10NL 

  • Thursday, August 12, 2010

    Grinding Updates 12/8/2010

    Hi guys,

    the last 10 days it was just impossible to have a winning session my psychology wasnt right i had to drop down to 10NL so that i dont bust my bankroll, i couldnt play my A game, i was in the dark side of -ev bad varience...i had a day off from cash games and from poker generally then played some tourneys, took some time to rest and fix my mind so i can return to my A cash game. I decided that I AM NOT A CASUAL PLAYER BUT A HARDCORE GRINDER, a grinder doesnt care about a winning or losing day or days, he just plays more and more to minimize varience knowing he is playing better than the competition at his level and stakes. Casual players can be as happy or angry as they like as that can be a fun part of the game...let their imottions be there when am hiting my sets against them....

    Thanks to Gary and Max for helping me out with my mindset and game strategy lastnight i crashed the 10NL tables at Pokerstars with a +50$ 3k hands session, its always nice to see that angle hiting the right side of the board. I am still -70$ for this week but this is something i ll try to fix the next days plus that the weekend is a true party of soft tables ;)

    For every downswing theres an upswing... i am allready visualizing a 10 day upswing and guess what thoughts become things...The next days days i ll put some serious volume at the tables on Pokerstars drop by and say hi at the tables keep posting if i dont respond eventially ill see you throught my mass of 20+ tables