Sunday, October 31, 2010

Grinding Updates

Hello friends!

The last days i ve been grinding the 25NL 6max games @ pokerstars, trying to turn up the volume seriously going for Supernova till the end of December. The games are really soft through the weekends so today ill grind hard, anybody in the mood for RAW fish? xexexexe... Also ill play the Turbo Takedown today. Have a look at my last 30k something hands at 25NL, always nice to be hiting the right corner of the screen. Im HAPPY!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Keep Walking... Keep Grinding

Hello boys and girls

the last days i didnt have so much time to blog, am going through some changes in my life and i have limited time. I have started gym and djing again in a local club, just to have a reason to get out of home and stay the fuck away from depression. These days am grinding the 6 max 25 NL on stars, running 6bb/100 and 150$ behind in ev! Ill try to blog more ;)