Monday, November 05, 2012

Coaching Offering

For those who don’t know a lot about me let me reintroduce my poker skills - achievements. I play on pokerstars as djalexlee the last 3 years in 6 max and full ring games up to 50NL with big success. I have achieved supernova status 3 consecutive years and i have played over 2 million hands multitabling from 15 to 24 tables.
Here is a 400+k sample of various micro stakes results

I am currently coaching NL2-NL50 micro stakes students. The current cost is $25/hr with 10 hour package discounts available (paypal/pokerstars transfer) - but as demand increases so too will price. If you are interested in learning more add me on Skype alexplios or add me on Facebook  Alexandros Plios
Note: If you play lower then 25NL and would like me to be your coach,  you really want to work and study on your game, i am willing to work some discount out.

 I want to help students think about the game better about poker and give them a formula to crush their stakes. I question their thought processes constantly, and look for consistent mistakes and leaks. We will find the root cause for those mistakes, and come up with a plan of action to fix them. My approach involves a fair amount of theory but is also very practical in-game. I can also help students adopt thought patterns that will minimize tilt and maximize the amount of time spent playing their A-game. Students will learn the tools to help them analyze and work on their own game effectively in the future.

Services Available:
Theory Discussion:
Basic theory concepts, 3-betting, c-betting, stealing, range analysis, Leak Busting

Software Issues:
Proper use of Holdem Manager, Tableninja, Tableselection software and how to maximize your $/hour

Psychology Issues:

Reduce - eliminate tilt, Deal with negative variance, Fear of moving up

Thursday, November 01, 2012

New 007 tonight!

So here we go one more time... new James Bond coming out tonight. I am def not mising this premiere...