Saturday, September 11, 2010

Great success.... just like Borat would say!!!!

Hello boys and girls

some days ago i started playing the step sng on stars for the London EPT Live Event....i started for 2,2 euros and build my way up to the 2100 euros last step! After some positive varience on my side and many push fold situations i can present you some results....

Tournament History for your last 1 tournament requested by djalexlee (

PokerStars Tournament #309885198, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: €670.00/€30.00 EUR
9 players
Tournament started 2010/09/11 1:28:56 EET [2010/09/10 18:28:56 ET]
Tournament finished 2010/09/11 2:40:52 EET [2010/09/10 19:40:52 ET]
1: JORDIFA (BARCELONA), Tournament Ticket (Step G)
2: djalexlee (Kalamata), Tournament Ticket (Step G)
3: Zoutechamp (Knokke-Heist), Tournament Ticket (Step F)
4: Lexxxxxxxxxx (Oostburg), Tournament Ticket (Step F)
5: tuszien (waterkant), Tournament Ticket (Step E)
6: thanh_le8 (Kriens), Tournament Ticket (Step E)
7: ShagWell (Ã…kersberga),
8: ClockWyze (St Julians),
9: SteelWheel (Baldwin),

You finished in 2nd place.
Here we go baby for the last step! Monday morning hopefully i ll check my passport ;))))))))))))))))

Friday, September 10, 2010

Griniding Updates 10 Sep 2010

Hey guys

The last days i wasnt very active in my blog cause i was grinding hard. This month i am focusing on the 10NL 6max tables at Pokerstars trying to hit the top winners leaderboard for the month at PokerTableRatings and build up my bankroll also. So far i played 26K hands with 170$ winnings, 150$ winnings from bonuses and 229$ at all in ev. So i guess the bad run continues for me cause am behind 60$ in terms of all in ev which is -30% on my winnings? No worries though for every downswing theres an upswing. Check out my graph, drop by and say hi at the tables on stars and stay tuned for more updates.